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American Pacific Mortgage

At American Pacific Mortgage, ownership is a state of mind. Let us make your dream of home ownership a reality.

Preparing for Buying a Home in the Busy Season

As Winter comes to a close, new home listings begin to flood the market. According to Zillow, most home listings come onto the market in April and May. The good news is that Spring brings many choices for buying a home! But Spring also brings a lot of competition, so you might want to consider ...

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Why It Could Be a Good Time to Buy a House

Is this the year you’ll finally buy that dream home? Have you been wondering whether you should wait until later in the year to start your homeownership journey?   It may still be the “off-season” for home buying, but that is about to change with the arrival of Spring. Consider jumping into the ...

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Homebuyer Help: Shopping for the Right Mortgage

Getting ready to buy a home is the beginning of an exciting journey! Once you’ve found your dream home and you’re ready to buy, how do you decide what type of mortgage loan fits your needs? Should it be a fixed rate loan, adjustable loan, FHA loan, or something else? There are multiple loan options ...

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What do Lenders Look for in a Home Loan Application?

Buying a home involves more than just looking at houses that fit your wish list. There’s the loan process to think about as well. As part of that process, you know that there will be a loan application to complete, but do you know what information lenders are looking for on that application? You ...

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Boost Your Credit Score With 5 Simple Tips

Have you been thinking about purchasing a home sometime this year? As you prepare for that exciting journey, you’ll want to check your credit score. Your credit score, often referred to as your FICO® score, is calculated using your credit history on file with the credit reporting agencies. No ...

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