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Debt Consolidation

Consolidate Your Debt to Reach Your Financial Goals

A debt consolidation refinance can be a simple way to cut interest rates and streamline your monthly payments. It’s a powerful tool you can use to meet your financial goals.

Icon - Carrot - FlatStop that sinking feeling that comes from mounting bills or rising monthly expenses
Icon - Carrot - FlatGet out of high interest-rate charges from credit cards, student loans, and other debt 
Icon - Carrot - FlatAmortize those payments over a 30-year term or the term of your new mortgage

Consolidating your debt by refinancing allows you to combine existing debt with your mortgage—typically at a much lower overall interest rate. The result is a single interest rate and single monthly payment. Many people also find that they pay less each month by consolidating their debt compared to paying each bill separately.*


*Consolidating credit debt or multiple loans may not reduce or pay off debt faster and may increase the total amount of debt. Examine all rates, terms, and fee options carefully.

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