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Creating A Community

That Matters

Word Cloud showing the different components for APM creating a community. Keywords within the word cloud include, APM Family, Unity, Care, Charity, Aid, Giving, Donation, and social service

The Importance of Community

Creating a world where everyone has a place.
We are committed to creating and nurturing a sense of community one neighborhood, one family, and one individual at a time. We call our corporate offices "Home Office" for a reason—we want everyone to feel supported and welcome.

People Matter

APMCares was founded to advance our social responsibility initiative by organizing and providing the means for our employees and partners to serve our communities through financial and time donations. Our mission is to serve the needs of individuals, families, and communities where we live and work, furthering our core belief that people matter.

Connection is Our Currency

A community thrives when everyone has a seat at the table.
The APM community promotes social and economic equity by cultivating a diverse workforce. Our efforts extend beyond the workplace borders, however, as we provide homeownership access to underrepresented communities. We succeed when employees and consumers achieve economic and social success.
Learn About Diversity with APM

Creating Community From the Inside Out

APM Health & Wellness Logo APM Health & Wellness Logo

Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices towards a healthy and fulling life. The Health & Wellness team is here to help facilitate and encourage positive healthy behaviors. Our mission is about fostering total health, regardless of where you are in your journey.

APM Employee Volunteer Program Logo APM Employee Volunteer Program Logo

We take pride in our workplace culture and encourage engagement and teamwork in our day-to-day interactions and decision making. Employees are empowered to not only make a difference in the areas they work, but also in the company as a whole and the community at large.

APM People First Program Logo APM People First Program Logo

At APM, creating experiences that matter starts at home. It’s not just a slogan we hang on the wall; it’s engrained deeply into our culture and the way we do business. We’re experiencing an unprecedented time—both in our industry and the world—and we know it impacts our team members. With that in mind, we’ve created the People First Campaign. It’s a way to show our employees they matter, and the work is appreciated. Communication and transparency is critical to sustaining a healthy organization.

APM CMBA Future Leaders Program Logo APM CMBA Future Leaders Program Logo

Every year, APM provides the opportunity for two individuals to be a part of the California MBA Future Leaders Program. This program is an executive leadership development program that delivers a comprehensive curriculum for individuals who have demonstrated leadership interest and abilities. Participants enhance their skills through two academic/leadership training sessions provided by Pepperdine University as well as additional educational opportunities through conferences provided by the California MBA. APM is passionate about fostering growth and development of all team members and this is just one example of our commitment to our people.

APM Kaizen Program Logo APM Kaizen Program Logo

Kaizen’s purpose here at APM is to empower our employees to call out opportunities to create a better product or experience. Ultimately, the purpose of Kaizen is to improve individuals, departments and APM as a whole. Even the smallest improvement to a process will aggregate with other improvements to make a valuable impact.

APM Kazoo Program Logo APM Kazoo Program Logo

With a wide geographic and remote workforce, we increasingly look for creative ways to engage and give employees a true sense of purpose at APM. Kazoo fosters peer-to-peer recognitions and provides ongoing opportunities to connect with one another. It’s a great way to recognize the outstanding work of team members, as well as recognition from their leaders.

APM Ambassador Team Program Logo APM Ambassador Team Program Logo

The Ambassador Team is all about creating experiences and includes one representative from each company department, including our offsite partners and fulfillment center. The team's focus is to ensure APM’s culture is sustained and protected throughout every area of our company. As APM continues to grow, this team is determined to make sure all employees feel connected and included, while constantly making sure our core values of Respect, Transparency, and Scrappy are evident in all that we do!