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Buying and Moving

Out with the Old, in with the New

APM can help as you transition from one home to another.

Whether you’re expanding to get some extra space, downsizing because you no longer need the space, or relocating for work, family, or retirement, our team of loan advisors can help you on your journey. We have worked with all types of buyers in every different scenario through a multitude of transactions. We know how to ask the right questions, including whether you should sell first, then buy…or buy first, then sell.

Buying and selling simultaneously can get tricky. If you’ve found the perfect home but your current home is still on the market, let us explore your options. There are creative solutions to every scenario, so you can leave the worry to us

Families Grow and Circumstances Change. We're here to help when it's time to move and buy a home. There are many options for buying your new home including: (1) use the equity from your home as down payment, or (2) Turn your existing home into a rental, or (3) maximize your financing. 

We’re Here to Help

We're always happy to chat, but sometimes you need to do things at your own pace. Our tools and resources are available whenever you need them.

Calculate Your Payments

Find your payment sweet spot based on your income, down payment, and loan scenarios.