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APMCares Non Profit

Why APM Cares

APMCares is a Non-Profit, founded to advance the company’s social responsibility initiative by providing the means for our employees and partners to serve our communities through financial and time donations. Our mission is to serve the needs of individuals, families, and communities where we live and work, strengthening our core belief that people matter.


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Our Mission

Through employee requests, APMCares provides support to non-profit organizations, charities, and private foundations that align with our mission to provide resources related to shelter, food, and clothing.
Our APM employees generously donate their time and money to these charitable endeavors, enhancing our core value that people truly are what matters.
APMCares is happy to support a diverse array of organizations that help all of our communities have the fundamentals they need to survive and thrive.
 APMCares Mission is to give back through APM Employee donations to community outreach and Family support donations


Children & Family

Our loved ones are our most precious commodities, which is why APM is dedicated to ensuring the health and well-being of families. APMCares works diligently with charitable organizations throughout the U.S. to provide the much-needed resources that keep kids thriving and keep families together.

Employee & Family Support

APMCares provides assistance to members of the APM family who are struggling due to a recent medical, financial, or bereavement hardship. Our APM family knows they can turn to their company when they or an immediate family member is in need.

Our Work in Action

Hear firsthand accounts of how
we make a difference

We are honored to share the stories of the APM family members and charity organizations who have been positively impacted by APMCares.

Making a Difference Locally

Our employees out in their communities

Our employees are encouraged to support the local causes and organizations that make a difference in their local communities.


Assistance League of the Eastside

September 2020

Assistance League donation

David Angrove from our Bothell, WA, branch is making a positive difference in the lives of children and adults touched by hardship through the Assistance League of the Eastside (ALE) (www.aleastide.org).

While ALE focuses on poverty, homelessness, assault, and domestic violence, one of their signature contributions back to the community is their “Operation School Bell,” which annually clothes over 3,000 K–12 students from the local eastside school district.

David and his wife have personally volunteered for ALE for many years, and in particular, they have assisted parents and their children as they pick out clothes and essentials at Operation School Bell fundraising events.

APMCares has been a previous sponsor of ALE fundraising events, which has included their Home Tours. Due to COVID-19, ALE has had to cancel various 2020 events, resulting in fundraising shortages. Consequently, David and his branch provided a sizable APMCares financial donation to offer continued support for this worthy cause during these challenging times.

My Mother’s Voice

July 2020

Virtual Auction Copy

Heather Rigano of our APM Home Office has been volunteering and supporting My Mother’s Voice for several years. My Mother's Voice is a California-based charity working to end generational poverty through early education and support for children in need.

"It's easy for companies to post a sympathetic message, use the latest hashtags. Few follow through with substance. This makes American Pacific Mortgage extraordinary. When there was a desperate need for food, basic necessities, and shelter, their caring employees gave generously through their APMCares fund this month! Please thank and support this amazing company with a big heart! Special shout out to our wonderful volunteer and APM employee, Heather Rigano, who made this happen."

Friendship Park

May 2020

APMCares Fundraising by BVM team members at Friendship Park

Big Valley Mortgage made a donation to our friends at Friendship Park to help fight the hunger crisis in their community.

In addition to the many donations that have been made by our branches through the APMCares foundation, many of our employees regularly volunteer serving meals at the park as well.

HomePlate Youth Services

March 2020

APM Employee donating to HomePlate Youth Services

Both Kimberly Barry and JC Rogauskas from our Hillsboro, OR, branch have been endlessly dedicated in their support of homeless youth through HomePlate Youth Services. HomePlate supports the positive development of young people experiencing homelessness or housing instability through community building, education, and access to services an

Kimberly’s initial passion to help young adults get a head start in life was driven in part by her daughter, who was a Teen Mom and is now studying to be a Psychologist focusing on youth. Her daughter would often befriend and bring home kids that were in need. Kimberly and her family would help where they could, feeding them and even housing some. JC Rogauskas, a fellow loan officer introduced Kimberly to HomePlate Youth Services and their mission to support young people who are experiencing short-term homelessness or being confronted with limited social-service safety-nets.d resources.

OpenDoor Housing Works

January 2020

Chris Barry presenting APMCares donation to OpenDoor Housing Works

Chris Barry from our Hillsboro, OR, branch has been volunteering and providing personal and APMCares donations in support of the homeless through Open Door Housing Works.

Open Door is a HUD Certified Housing Counseling Agency whose mission is to educate and assist underserved households to obtain and retain affordable permanent housing.

Open Door offers hot meals, emergency food boxes, showers, mailboxes and phone services to contact loved ones for housing, employment and medical needs. Chris has served on the board of directors for the past 7 to 8 years and recently provided an APMCares financial donation to this worthy cause.

Kincade Fire

December 2019

Gratitude wall from Kincade Fire

Corazón Healdsburg helped lead a community-based resource and recovery effort for those impacted by the Kincade Fire in California. Her mission is to bridge the racial and economic divide in Northern Sonoma County, and offers programs to improve health and wellbeing for all who live and work in the area through innovative partnerships and community driven programming.
The funds were used to help provide food, shelter and resources for those who were impacted by the Kincade Fire.

Westcare Foundation

December 2019

APM employees supporting Westcare Foundation

Rickelle Stockton of our Hanford, California, branch has been spearheading personal and branch donations in support of homeless veterans through the Westcare Foundation.

Westcare’s mission is to assist veterans who have encountered barriers that have caused them to fall victims to homelessness. These services include rental assistance, utility assistance, educational workshops, and case management.

Rickelle and her Maciel Mortgage branch colleagues hosted a homeless Veterans lunch, hosted a blanket drive, and provided an APMCares financial donation to this worthy cause. We salute you, Rickelle and Maciel Mortgage, for your personal efforts and demonstrating our core belief that people matter.

Habitat for Humanity

November 2019

APM employees presenting donation to Habitat for Humanity

David Angrove of our Bothell, Washington, branch has long been involved with Habitat for Humanity and not only made personal contributions, but leveraged APMCares for a larger donation as well.

David was able to present an APMCares donation at the Kittitas County Habitat for Humanity breakfast fundraising event to the Executive Director (Linda Kelly) and the board of directors.

This is David’s 3rd year of contributing to, and volunteering with, this local chapter, which serves one of the poorest counties in the state of Washington.

Veteran’s Association of Real Estate Professionals (VAREP)

July 2019

Carter Short donation to VAREP

Carter Short in our San Diego branch has a passion for helping Veterans and has channeled his efforts outside of the office to the Veteran’s Association of Real Estate Professionals (VAREP). VAREP’s mission is to increase sustainable homeownership, financial-literacy education, VA loan awareness, and economic opportunity for the active-military and veteran communities.

Carter now serves on the national board after 6 years of local service. VAREP has expanded to 45 locations throughout the US to serve active military, veterans and surviving spouses. APMCares has made a donation to support VAREP’s efforts to help provide affordable home buying opportunities in the military and veteran communities.