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Refinance Your Mortgage

to Help Plan Your Future


Setting Your Refinance Goals

There are as many goals as there are financial situations—and we have you covered. Read on for information based on your objectives
  • Consolidate Debt

    Get out from under credit cards, student loans, or other forms of debt

  • Lower Payments

    Just a small drop in your interest rate can lower your mortgage payment significantly

  • Get Cash Out

    Tap into your equity for home improvements, retirement, or anything else

  • Change To Fixed Rate

    Refinancing to a fixed-rate is a great way to stabilize your payment

  • Refi My VA Loan

    Refinance an existing VA loan with a streamline refi

Now May be the Time to Refinance

Let us help guide you through the process

Considering whether to refinance depends on a lot of factors. Your answer to “why” may include wanting to lower your payments, shorten your loan term, or possibly tap into your equity to pay off debt or build a pool in the backyard. Each type of refi has nuances that can affect the type of loan program that is right for you. 

The other big factors are your current loan and your current financial picture. You may have improved your credit score, or received a raise—or even gained enough equity to allow for the removal of mortgage insurance. Maybe your original loan was taken out when you thought you were only staying for a few years, and now it doesn’t make sense for a more long-term commitment. 

Whatever your why is or what your current financial picture looks like, we’re here to help. We offer a complimentary mortgage checkup to all of our clients. We can take a look at all of the factors and then look at the available options in today’s market and make a recommendation for what makes sense for you. That recommendation may be to sit tight for now, or it might mean you can achieve your goals right away. Either way, we have you covered.

Infographic of a house of stacked boxes in the form of a house highlighting the benefits of refinancing. Box 1: Better Terms. New loan products might offer financing options with lower rates or payments. Box 2: Equity. The equity you've built could put money in your pocket with a cash-out refinance. Box 3: Income. A raise at work could mean affording a shorter term, saving interest over the life of the loan. Box 4: Mortgage insurance. An increase in property value may allow for private mortgage insurance to be dropped.

We’re Here to Help

Our trusted APM tools are at your disposal whenever you need them.

Check Out How Much You Can Save

Our user-friendly calculators can determine how much you can save on your monthly payment or over the life of the loan.