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Why Join APM

Hear from our Chairman and Co-founder Kurt Reisig on APM's mission to support Loan Officers

How would it feel…

To work with people who wake up every day thinking about how to support YOU?


To have ownership in a Top Mortgage Banker.
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We Are Producers, Like You

Built by originators, for originators

The most impactful thing you can do for your business, now and in the future, is choosing the right partner in business. Now is the time to make sure you are with a company that supports your future vision and aligns with your values personally and professionally.

At every level of the organization, we value loan originators and recognize there is no company without them. You’ll find evidence of this in our position statement “we are 100% focused on making our branch managers and originators look good,” which you’ll hear as our collective mantra on calls, in our correspondence, at events, and in day-to-day operations.

We do this by providing savvy technology to support your business and help you win the race to the consumer.

We do this by fostering creativity in our branches allowing them the flexibility they need to run their business, build their team, and expand their client portfolio.

We do this by supporting your efforts to give back to the community where you live and work and giving you a share of the company you work for.

We do this by letting your voice be heard and making you a partial owner in our company.

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APM By the Numbers

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A community-focused organization that has over 1,000 loan advisors in your neighborhoods and across the country committed to homeownership in America.

Check out what our customers have to say.

Customer Reviews

Rankings Matter

APM is regularly voted one of the best places to work and earns the distinction as a leading mortgage lender by producers year after year.

Rave Reviews From Our People

Ron Wright 

“I began working with APM in early 2017 as a mortgage originator and a then became a branch manager. I’ve been impressed from the beginning with the service level of our operations department. Never in my 35 years in this industry have I worked with such an experienced, efficient, knowledgeable and responsive operations team. In the midst of extreme changes to our industry, our ops team has come through again and again, keeping us all successful and maintaining a great reputation with our referral sources and clients. For me, there is no better operations team than this."
Branch Manager (NMLS #326015)

Jason Mata

"I think the best thing about APMC is that we are 100% client focused, and we do care about getting the right solution for our clients. Through the Keys on Time program, our buyers can present an offer backed by the purchasing power of a full loan approval with the commitment to close on or before the close of escrow. This helps our client’s purchase offers stand out in a very competitive housing market. APM is fully vested in owning what it takes to get the job done!"
NMLS #273080

Jamie Matson

"APM is the best company I have ever worked for! The culture is amazing and reflects positive values and a strong commitment to excellence day in and day out. APM demonstrates honest leadership and hears their employees’ feedback. I have never worked with such an incredible leadership team, and my direct manager is truly amazing! I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else!"

Underwriting Manager

Michelle Guth

"My partnership with APM over the last 14 years continues to thrive as a result of the support and camaraderie our team has with our fulfillment center. Our relationship with our underwriter and funder is unsurpassed, and without them as part of our team, we could not succeed the way we have. The culture and respect within this organization is world class. It truly is a team atmosphere, and we have the highest level of adoration, appreciation and respect for our extended team members."

Branch Manager (NMLS #36853)

Amy Viem

"I love APM because of the collaboration I have with my colleagues. All departments I am in contact with seem to share the same vision and are dedicated to the mission of being respectful and transparent while funding loans! I have tried to make it my mission to make the loan officers look good, and they in turn seem to be very cooperative when I need info from them.

I love my job because I feel like I am trusted to do my work and that my voice is heard when I have input. I feel I have a lot of control over my success and that I'm given the tools I need to succeed."


Brady Thomas

“APM did an amazing job of offering us training and support when we made the move. I was put at ease to know that I had full access to the decision makers within the company. They took special care to respond to any issue that were raised…and that makes ALL the difference.”

NMLS# 396946

Cindi Taylor

"APM is passionate about home ownership. As a loan officer, the key to being successful is the environment in which you work and how the organization supports you to bring in business and close your loans on time. APM not only has my back, but also makes it fun to be here."

NMLS #271869

Darla Bedford

"APM is not just a company; it is a family. In these unprecedented times, a company’s culture is more important than ever. We are all working hard, but we know we are appreciated. Our management team insists we all have a healthy work-home balance and continues to encourage us to protect our family time. I’ve never been made to feel that everything we do here is about money.  Everything is about giving the borrower an experience that matters. I am proud to work for a company of this caliber.

At APM everyone has a voice. We are open, honest, flexible and collaborative. We not only believe in diversity and inclusion, but we also practice these values every day.  I am grateful to have chosen a “family” that I enjoy working with every day."

Underwriting Team Lead

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