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American Pacific Mortgage Blog

How to Decide When It's Time to Buy a House

If you have been contemplating buying a house, we are here to help you think through the possibilities. When to Buy a House - Factors to Consider There are several factors to consider before you decide it’s time to buy a house. Here are a few: Is it better to rent or buy? You’ll want to consider ...

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Top 4 Down Payment and PMI Myths

As a first-time home buyer, it can be overwhelming to hear all the stories from friends and family about home loans. Often times you’re left with a lot of assumptions and not all of the facts about the process, possibly keeping you from taking the steps toward getting the home you’ve been dreaming ...

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How to Buy Before You Sell With a Bridge Loan

It’s that time. Your current home isn’t working for your family anymore and you’re ready to make the move to buy your next home. But maybe you’re nervous about trying to sell your current home while buying your new home. Do you sell first, then buy? Or buy first, then sell? No need to worry - APM ...

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