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How Can I Get My Credit Score?

Knowing what your credit score is can be empowering to you as a first-time homebuyer. Your credit score is an important factor in getting a loan and securing a competitive interest rate when buying a home. Your credit score is a direct reflection of your credit history, which is a financial ...

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What is a Good Credit Score?

Your credit score is a number between 350 - 850 on a scale created by the Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO). This number is known as your FICO® score, and it is used by lenders as a snapshot of your credit history and a summary of risk involved to lending to you. The score is calculated based on an ...

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Top 5 Questions to Understanding Your Credit Score

1. What is a Credit Score? A credit score is a three-digit number used to determine the creditworthiness of an individual and is created by the Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO). The score is calculated based on an analysis of a person's credit history and files.   2. How is a Credit Score Calculated?  ...

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The Ins and Outs of a Credit Score

A credit score is more than just a financial “grade.” The rating represents something much more important, and could have a big impact on your wallet. Many first-time homebuyers are curious about improving credit scores, and how that will come into play when applying for a loan.   Credit bureaus ...

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