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It’s Time to Celebrate the Summer Olympics!

It’s been nearly five years since the last summer Olympics, so people are understandably ready for some action! Whether you’re more of a spectator or participant, there are plenty of ways to celebrate the summer Olympics in style—especially now that gatherings have resumed. 

So dust off your TV screen and backyard games, and get ready to celebrate the summer Olympics in new and creative ways!


Party Like It’s 2021

Chances are you’ve missed Super Bowl gatherings, awards season parties, and even family get-togethers over the past 16 months. Celebrating the summer Olympics can be the perfect way to bring everyone back together!

This sort of gathering should depend on the comfort levels of you and your guests, but there are many ways to come together and celebrate the summer Olympics either in person or virtually. Rearrange furniture if you need a little more distance this year, or hold the watch party in the front or backyard, depending on your resources. 

You can also create pre-fixed snacks and meals if you’re not ready for communal dining just yet. 

Create Your Own Olympic ‘Sports’

This can go one of two ways. You can either create a modified version of the Olympic sport you’re watching—say, rhythmic gymnastics or volleyball—or you can engage in a whole new set of games. Water balloon tossing? Why not? Hot dog eating contest? Is it even summer without one? 

The sky’s the limit on what sorts of competitions you and your guests can come up with. Just be sure to keep safety in mind (fencing and diving can sound like a good idea . . . until you’re a few libations in). 

You can always raise the stakes by creating “medals” for the top-three finishers. Chocolate wrapped in shiny tinfoil or handmade crowns work great. No time to make the crowns? Get the kids in on the action! You can set up a whole craft table where the younger ones can assemble the winning medals. 

Oh, and storage crates make fabulous podiums!

Take it to Trivia

Looking for a little less action but an equal level of enthusiasm as you celebrate the summer Olympics? Not a problem! Trivia’s got you covered. You can create categories like Olympic cities, sporting events, memorable moments, Olympic rules/facts, and even life after the Olympics for some of the more famous athletes. 

If you feel like answering specific questions may be too tough, you can always turn trivia into a round of True or False. For example, instead of “name the Olympian that clinched the gold for the USA women’s gymnastics team at the Atlanta games in 1996,” you could simply ask “true or false, the USA women’s gymnastics team beat Russia for the gold at the 1996 Atlanta games during a final vault performance.” 

The same model could be used for games like “Rule or Not a Rule” where you ask people to identify whether certain statements are actual Olympic rules, or “Sport or Not a Sport,” where you have to identify whether certain sports are played at the Olympics or not. 

Like the more physical games, you can still make teams, hand out medals, and even do the podium routine. 

Watch the More Obscure Sports

Many people tune into the summer Olympics to see popular events like women’s gymnastics, diving, and track and field. But if you’re looking for a truly unique way to celebrate the summer Olympics, then look no further than the oft-overlooked sports.

Host a game-watching party for the lesser-known, but equally entertaining, Olympic sports of handball, table tennis, racewalking, or trampoline. You may not be able to pair these events with trivia contests, but they certainly warrant lively commentary and all the cheering and jeering the Olympics are known for.

Plus, many of these events can be played at home or easily modified. 

Get a Pool Going

You’ve heard of Fantasy Football, but what about Fantasy Olympics? Same concept, different athletes and sports (though football is among them)! You can also randomly draw countries and see who comes out ahead at the end of every event or at the culmination of the Olympics. 

Like a Super Bowl pool, you can also make wagers based on which countries or athletes will place. In true Vegas style, you can take this to the extreme, placing bets on who will get the first perfect score, whether the lead swimmer will beat a personal record or an Olympic record, or even which Olympian will shed the most tears on the podium. 

These pools don’t need to be for money, either. Bragging rights, cooking duties, and even cleaning patrol make great wagers. Plus, let’s face it. How much would you pay to get out of having to clean up after an Olympics-themed party? Yeah, that wager’s worth its weight in gold.

Try New Cuisine

Here’s a new way to celebrate the summer Olympics: indulge in cuisine from the various participating countries. You can assign countries to guests or have them choose out of a hat ahead of time for a watch-party potluck. They can then bring a dish with them from their assigned country. 

You can assign guests to certain categories, such as appetizers, entrees, or desserts. The cuisine can either be representative of the various countries participating in the Olympics overall, or it can be limited to the countries expected to medal in the specific events you’ll be watching.

Either way, this is a great chance to try something new and learn more about the culture and traditions of a foreign country. Be sure to create little signs near each dish that detail the country of origin, name of the dish, and even a little bit about the history or traditions surrounding this dish. 

Kids can get in on the fun too by reading a paragraph about this particular country, its legacy within the Olympics, or the cuisine itself. 

This summer is sure to be a memorable one as we come back together after so much time apart. A great way to ramp up the fun is to celebrate the summer Olympics with your friends, neighbors, and loved ones. 

We hope that whatever you do this summer, it’s met with fun, joy, and laughter. Stay safe and enjoy this wonderful season.

And if your summer involves a renovation, refinance, or move, we’re here when you need us. Unless speed walking is on. In which case, we’ll get back to you shortly . . . 


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