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Creative Ways to Celebrate Independence Day from Home

Like pretty much everything else in 2020, the Fourth of July may look a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate with your own backyard bash! There are plenty of safe activities you can do while making good memories. And who knows? Maybe they’ll become a new family tradition.Fourth of July Holiday

  • Make a Red, White & Blue Treat: Nothing is quite as festive or delicious as a red, white and blue dessert. Try red, white and blue popsicles, cake pops, a cupcake flag, fruit kabobs, fruit trifle, or Fourth of July candy bark to satiate your sweet tooth.
  • Host a BBQ: Every Fourth of July celebration needs a BBQ—grilled meat, potato salad and some juicy, cold watermelon. Host a socially distanced BBQ in your backyard or take your meal to go and enjoy a picnic on the beach or at a local park. If you have a fire pit handy, end with some s’mores. Here are some dishes that are perfect for a backyard BBQ.
  • Create a Backyard Water Oasis: The Fourth is usually a hot day, so what’s a better activity than putting on swimsuits and getting soaked? Just about everything is more fun when you involve water. Here are some of the best water toys for your backyard, or if you really want to go all out, try a lawn water slide. If you’d rather keep it simple, just turn on the sprinklers or fill up some water balloons and make it a battle!
  • DIY Fireworks Show: Most professional and city fireworks shows are canceled this year to prevent large crowds from gathering, but why not put on your own fireworks show? Most local fireworks stands are open this year. Make sure to stay safe and follow local fireworks guidelines! They vary widely but usually specify that you can use fireworks only on certain days. Not allowed to use fireworks in your town? Grab some party poppers for a safe and sane celebration!
  • Glowstick Party: If you have little kids or just don’t want to mess with fireworks, how about a glowstick party? There are plenty of red, white and blue glowsticks available at the store (for the most affordable options, check the dollar store). Light up the sky to your heart’s content without worrying about safety or a mess.
  • Party Games: How about some festive party games outside either before or after you eat? A balloon pop, costume contest, relay race or rocket flyer launch will get everyone in the competitive spirit. Go here for a bunch of fun and inexpensive game ideas. You can probably do many of these games with supplies you already have around your house.
  • Show a Backyard Movie: After everyone’s worn themselves out with water and games and has had some food, relax after dark with a backyard movie. Here are some suggestions for setting up your own big screen in the great outdoors.

Here are some patriotic, family friendly movie ideas to end your big night with:

- Sandlot
- American Tail
- Captain America—The First Avenger
- Akeelah and the Bee
- Hidden Figures
- Rocky
- 42

With just a little effort, it can be a fun day for everyone.

We wish you a wonderful holiday filled with joy and celebration for our country!



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