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Buy a Home Now, Refinance Later at Reduced Fees

The real estate waiting game is no fun. But with today’s high interest rate, some would-be buyers think it’s prudent to play if they want to secure the best homeownership deal. The problem with that is you miss out on homeownership opportunities today, including less competition and falling prices in many markets.

buy now, refi later 

The thing is, once the high interest rates of today’s market moderate, everyone who’s been sitting on the sidelines may very well flood into the market at once. Yes, that’s right: A lot of other potential homebuyers are taking the wait-and-see approach, just like you are. The likely outcome is that competition will return, and real estate prices may start heading north once again.

Thankfully, American Pacific Mortgage has a solution to get you on the path to homeownership NOW while allowing you to take advantage of lower rates if they materialize in the near future. The Buy-Fi Program lets you buy a home now and then refinance later with reduced lender fees.  

Let’s dig into the details of this program.

The Advantages of APM’s Buy-Fi Program 

Buy-Fi is a game-changing opportunity for potential homebuyers seeking confidence and flexibility in their purchasing decisions. It’s truly the best of both worlds.

Buy now with confidence

APM’s Buy-Fi program lets potential homebuyers buy with confidence between November 1, 2023, and March 31, 2024, regardless of current high interest rates, with the knowledge that they can refinance into a lower rate later for lower fees.

Flexible refinancing options

Participants in the Buy-Fi program can refinance their homes anytime before December 31, 2024. This allows them to capitalize on lower interest rates at any time before that date.

Reduced fees make it a no-brainer

APM is committed to reducing the financial burden of refinancing by offering reduced closing costs. These include administrative, application, commitment, technology, processing, and underwriting fees. When you add all those up, that’s a lot of savings compared with another mortgage lender or financial institution!

How to Buy a Home Now, Refinance Later 

A few simple steps can help you get into a home now with the Buy-Fi program while taking advantage of lower interest rates that may be forthcoming. 

To secure your home purchase loan, you just have to do the following:

  • Start your homeownership journey by applying with APM (or one of its branches or DBA brands) for the purchase of your new home.
  • Successfully close on your home loan, securing your foothold in the real estate market.
  • At that point, APM will watch the interest rates for you. When they drop, we’ve got you covered!
  • You can refinance anytime before December 31, 2024, and we’ll reduce your lender fees.

The Buy-Fi program creates a stress-free homeownership experience without the hassle of waiting for higher interest rates to come down. The strategy to buy a home now and refinance later is a financially responsible way to invest in real estate. These reduced lender fees provide real-world benefits to you in the long run and allow you to start building equity sooner.

Plus, this flexible approach of refinancing when it’s right for you (up until December 31, 2024) allows you to dictate the timing while securing a more favorable interest rate. 

Some people think sitting on the sidelines puts them in the driver’s seat in this market. But really, doing your homework, getting creative, and pulling the trigger when the factors are right for you are what really put you in control of your financial future. 

Other Things to Consider

Here are a few other things to consider when considering this program.

The federal funds rate and its influence on real estate

APM’s Buy-Fi program strategically aligns with market dynamics influenced by the federal funds rate. That’s the rate at which banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions lend one another money. This gives participants in the Buy-Fi program a competitive edge in the real estate market.

In other words, when these high interest rates finally start moving down, we move to save you money!

A new way to save

An online savings account—not to mention a high-yield savings account—is great, but APM’s Buy-Fi program positions itself as a modern alternative to the traditional savings account. 

With Buy-Fi, you save money on reduced closing costs on the refinance (via reduced mortgage lender fees). You also save on the lower interest rate after you refinance. And, of course, you can start building equity right away.

Get into the market while competition is lower

Those high interest rates do make the housing market more attractive in a few respects. They mean that competition is lower, meaning you’re less likely to get into a bidding war over the home of your dreams. Lower competition usually leads to lower prices as well. 

Waiting to Buy a Home Could Cost You 

Getting a mortgage from other financial institutions or a mortgage lender comes with fees, including closing costs. The extra money required can strain the homebuying process, and waiting for rates to drop may not necessarily mitigate all these costs. 

At the same time, putting the money that would go toward your home purchase into one of these high-yield savings accounts that compounds interest can be attractive. But the opportunity cost of waiting for lower mortgage rates could lead to missed opportunities for homeownership, impacting your long-term financial goals.

That’s why APM’s Buy-Fi program is here to help. By encouraging proactive decision-making, offering flexible refinancing options, and reducing closing costs, APM hopes to pave the way for a smart and seamless homeownership experience. 

Don’t let the uncertainty of market conditions dictate your homeownership journey. Seize the opportunity with Buy-Fi, and start your journey today!


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