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Lock In Your Mortgage Rate With The SecureLock Program

Interest rates are constantly fluctuating, leaving homebuyers wondering when they should lock in their rate? At American Pacific Mortgage, we have created a specialty program called SecureLock, which allows you to lock in today’s competitive rates while you shop for the home of your dreams. It’s just another way we help homebuyers achieve their goal of home ownership. 

secure lock program mortgage rates (1).jpg

What is SecureLock?

SecureLock is one of our specialty programs that allows buyers to lock in today’s rates while they look for a home, sell their home, or while a home is under construction.

The program has three parts.

  • Lock and Buy:
    • Allows you to lock in your rate while you shop for a home.
  • Lock and List:
    • Allows you to lock in your rate while you sell your home.
  • Lock and Build:
    • Allows you to lock in your rate while your home is under construction.

APM also allows buyers to take advantage of a float down option if rates go down prior to signing your loan documents. If rates go up, you are secure. It’s a win-win!

How to qualify

To qualify for this specialty program, APM must give full credit approval to all borrowers on the loan. Your loan advisor will work with you to identify the specific terms for each lock, based on which variation of the SecureLock program is being used.

How it can work with our Keys on Time program

You can combine our SecureLock program with another one of our specialty programs, the Keys on Time program. We will work with you to get full underwriting loan approval to ensure your loan will close lightning fast, even if you have not yet identified the property.

Pairing the two programs together allows you to have the security of a locked-in interest rate even prior to making a purchase offer.

Lock in your rate and secure peace of mind today with our SecureLock program. Our advisors are knowledgeable and dedicated to helping you get into a home. Contact us today to see if you qualify and to learn more about how these specialty programs can help you.



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