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Family Friendly Online Learning & Activities

Are you looking for activities that will keep your kiddos learning and moving, plus keep your family entertained throughout this time? APM has you covered!

Below is a list of online resources and our favorite at-home activities to help you navigate the next few weeks during the #stayathome Coronavirus epidemic.


learnathome.withyoutube.com A resource for families with children of different ages & areas of interest K-12
Scholastic at Home Day-by-day projects to keep kids reading, thinking & growing Pre-K-9th grade
Khan Academy

Lessons, exercises and quizzes; daily schedules; daily livestreams

4-18 Years
Crash Course YouTube channel offering engaging educational videos suitable for high school students. The channel features a wide range of subjects, from anatomy to world history. High School-Adult
Crash Course Kids Bi-weekly show from the producers of Crash Course all about grade school science 5th grade through middle school
Minecraft Builders Club Weekly videos and online gatherings for builders (also paid courses using Minecraft to teach Math, science, history & more) Ages 7 & up (majority of classes for middle schoolers)
Open Culture Free resource with music, language lessons, courses & more All ages
Radio Lingua

Language learning podcasts

Playbill Online viewing of 15 Broadway musicals to watch at home All ages
Smithsonian Air & Space Virtual tours of the museum, and educational podcasts, games and activities about aircraft and spacecraft. And educators can turn to the museum's K-12 learning resources for STEM lessons, activities and videos on topics such as flight, planetary science, space, and engineering and technology. K-12
Google Arts & Culture Virtual access to 2500 museums plus virtual tours of National Parks in the U.S. All ages
Stuck at Home Science Activities for families using household supplies All ages
Art for Kids Hub Workshops, readings, activities, art projects, writing games, writing advice, and moreoffered by children’s book writers and illustrators Grades 2-6
Lunch Doodles Author of “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus” author with daily video sessions to learn to draw, doodle and explore new ways of writing All ages (most appropriate for younger kids)
Live Science A list of educational and entertaining activities to keep them occupied. All ages
Free Guided Meditations Free guided meditations specifically designed to help deal with coronavirus related stress and anxiety Young adults-adult
Virtual Tours of National Parks Links to various virtual tours from Google and National Parks Service All ages
YMCA360 Online health & fitness videos on demand All ages
25 Ways To Get Kids Moving At Home Infographic from American Heart Association on 25 ways to get kids moving at home All ages
At Home Workouts for Kids Fitness Blender Kids Workout - 25 Minute Fun Workout for Kids at Home All ages
Celebrity Chefs Cooking Tips 11 celebrity chefs share their tips for cooking during the coronavirus pandemic Young adults-adults
Cooking channels for kids Cool Mom picks for the best YouTube cooking shows for kids—for screen time that just might help mealtime All ages
Delish Virtual Cooking Delish.com is offering virtual cooking classes for parents and kids during the coronavirus outbreak All ages



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