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Creating Experiences That Matter™ with our Employees

At American Pacific Mortgage (APM), we know that Creating Experiences That Matterfor our customers starts at home. That’s why we take time every year to recognize employees who live our culture and values every day, and go above and beyond for our clients in every interaction.

Learn more about the awards and the 22 employees who were recognized this year at the annual Home Office Summit & Employee Recognition Rally at the Falls Event Center in Roseville, CA. 

Christine Tarr Customer Service Award

Judy Christman receives Christine Tarr AwardNamed after a dear friend and co-worker who passed away unexpectedly in December 2008, the Christine Tarr Customer Service Award is the highest and most coveted award given at APM. Christine exemplified a servant’s heart by serving our branches and originators with professionalism, enthusiasm and compassion. This award is presented each year to an employee who lives and honors our core values of Respect, Transparency and Scrappy in every interaction. 

This year, the prestigious Christine Tarr Customer Service Award was presented to Judy Christman, Director of Post Closing (Roseville, CA). Since beginning her career at APM in February 2009, Judy has worked in many departments, including Capital Markets, Product Development and now Post Closing. Judy serves on the board for APMCares, our charitable entity, and has also been a member of our Strategic Planning Team, playing an active role in many initiatives over the years. With a solutions-first attitude, Judy always keeps the needs of our clients at the forefront. She is a natural leader who encourages and supports her team, and is always willing to roll up her sleeves to tackle any obstacle or project with care, accuracy and a positive attitude. 

Kurt Reisig Leadership Award

The Leadership Award is presented to an employee who demonstrates consistent leadership by living and breathing our culture every day. This individual has a positive influence on the goals and performance of the company, as well as a commitment to their self-development and growth as a leader. This year, the award was renamed the Kurt Reisig Leadership Award to celebrate our founder and Chairman, Kurt Reisig, for his accomplishments and contributions to APM, as well as his passion to develop leaders within our company. 

Ashley Aguon receives APM Leadership AwardThe Kurt Reisig Leadership Award was presented to Ashley Aguon, Lock Desk Manager (Roseville, CA). Ashley began her career with APM in July 2012 as a Post Close Auditor and has worked her way up to Lock Desk Manager. “As Lock Desk Manager, Ashley must constantly balance the requirement of being accurate (and profitable) while still providing great customer service,” said Steven Summerlot, Director of Capital Markets Operations. Ashley leads her team by example, always with the desire to make the Lock Desk experience painless for our producers. 



Dave Ryland Diversity & Inclusion Award

The Dave Ryland Diversity & Inclusion Award is a new award named after one of APM’s pioneers. Dave’s life experiences were a series of enlightening moments of learning and growth – all leading to his deep belief in the importance of diversity and inclusion. Dave served as a mentor and friend to many at APM, and before his passing in 2018, he implored APM to prioritize D&I in efforts in the workplace. This award is presented to employees who exhibit exceptional commitment to diversity and inclusion efforts at APM. 

The Dave Ryland Diversity & Inclusion Award was presented to two employees this year:Michael Guidotti and Alexia Engel receive APM Diversity Award

  • Michael Guidotti, Director of Integration & Branch Technology (Roseville, CA): Michael began his career at APM in March 2012, and has been an ambassador for diversity and inclusion since before the initiative. He lives and breathes the message of inclusion every day through his words and actions.
  • Alexia Engel, HR Specialist (Roseville, CA): Alexia began her career at APM in September 2015. She has been an active member of the D&I Committee since inception, assisting with workshops, research and gathering data. She owns her projects from start to finish with a positive, can-do attitude.

110% Award

The 110% Award is presented to three employees who are committed to making our branches and producers look good 110% of the time! These individuals understand that putting and keeping people in homes is the product of what we do, and they work tirelessly to deliver the highest quality service and products to both customers and employees.

110% Award Winners:

  • Amber Plank, Quality Control Auditor (Roseville, CA)
  • Tareq Kay, Underwriter (Roseville, CA)
  • Jim Cloyd, Underwriting Manager, Bellevue Fulfillment Center (Bellevue, WA)

Respect Award

The Respect Award is presented to three employees who exude courtesy and caring in all interactions, regardless of challenges. These individuals give their attention to the needs of others and aspire to help without judgment.

Respect Award Winners:

  • Chanin Anaya, HR Manager (Roseville, CA)
  • Teri Bergthold, Events Manager (Roseville, CA)
  • Corinne London, Executive Assistant (Roseville, CA)

Transparency Award

The Transparency Award is presented to three employees who consistently practice direct, honest, caring and candid communications in all that they do. These individuals go directly at issues and proactively share information with others when – and even before – they need it.

Transparency Award Winners:

  • Monica McCammon, Payroll Specialist (Roseville, CA)
  • Brandon Rees, Applications Administrator (Roseville, CA)
  • Debbie Varner, Underwriting Manager, Denver Fulfillment Center (Denver, CO)

Scrappy Award

The Scrappy Award is presented to three go-getter employees who aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves to get things done. These individuals are humble and resourceful, always looking for better solutions. Scrappy Award Winners know what it means to ‘play to win.’

Scrappy Award Winners:

  • Michelle Taul, Director of Training (Bellevue, WA)
  • Ruth Schultz, Disclosure Desk Specialist (Roseville, CA)
  • Robin Peterson, Doc Drawer/Funder (Roseville, CA) 

Ownership Award

The Ownership Award is presented to three employees who embrace ownership with enthusiasm and optimism for the future of APM and housing in America. These individuals recognize that each and every one of us are responsible for our role in the process and own the entire experience from beginning to end.

Ownership Award Winners:

  • Halee Daily, LaunchPad Captain (Roseville, CA)
  • Rona Basa, Sr. Analyst (Roseville, CA)
  • Shannon Hille, Training Content Creator/Marketing (Bellevue, WA)

Unsung Hero Award

The Unsung Hero Award is presented to three employees who serve our branches with little fanfare or recognition. These individuals go about their work quietly and competently, never expecting anything in return for their contributions.

Unsung Hero Award Winners:

  • Heather Rigano, Integration Coordinator (Roseville, CA)
  • Sherece Cruz, Business System Analyst (Roseville, CA)
  • Stacie Tugend, Doc Drawer (Roseville, CA)

We are proud to have these individuals working at APM. Congratulations to all of our winners!


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