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At American Pacific Mortgage, our company core values guide us in our efforts, voice and presence in the industry. Simply put, they define how we act at all levels of the organization in creating experiences that matter while delivering home ownership. 




We do the right thing. We understand that what we do matters. We serve our customers with our full attention, intention, and purpose at all times. Sensitive matters will always be treated with sensitivity, and we will always exercise good judgment to make the honorable choice. Your time, your business, and your dream of homeownership is important to us.

We are: Honorable, Noble, Intentional, Dependable, Caring, Inclusive



We always provide straight talk and responsible communication. We will get directly to the heart of the issue, and communicate clearly, completely, and relevantly. We believe in delivering information that you need to know when you need to know it, and are willing to have the difficult conversations if needed. We endeavor always to share information and earn our customer’s trust.

We are: Clear, Approachable, Direct, Trustworthy, Insightful, Concise



We are determined, and relentless in our approach to serve our customers. We have a solid strength of character and are willing to fight for what is right. We are proactive in seeking solutions. We are tenacious and will not quit. We will do what it takes to make sure we get loans funded.

We are: Determined, Clever, Resourceful, Adaptive, Forward-thinking, Resolute