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Dustin Sheppard is an accomplished executive with over 22 years of experience in the mortgage industry. Currently serving as the President of American Pacific Mortgage, Dustin has built a reputation for his exceptional leadership skills, his ability to drive sales growth, and his keen focus on strategic initiatives.


Throughout his career, Dustin has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to excellence, consistently delivering impressive results in a variety of roles. He is particularly adept at client acquisition, product development, and the implementation of effective sales systems and processes. Under Dustin’s leadership, American Pacific Mortgage has grown into a leading player in the mortgage industry, with a top 5 branch network that is a testament to his skill and expertise.


In his current role as President, Dustin leads multiple strategic initiatives for American Pacific Mortgage, driving the company's growth and expanding its reach across the United States. He is deeply committed to helping his team members develop their skills and achieve their full potential, and he has earned a reputation as an inspirational leader who can motivate even the most challenging of teams.


Dustin’s deep understanding of the mortgage industry, combined with his strategic vision and exceptional leadership skills, make him a natural choice for any organization seeking to achieve sustained growth and success in this highly competitive field. He is a true innovator, constantly seeking out new opportunities and strategies to drive the business forward and deliver value to customers and stakeholders alike.