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APM Leadership Blog

Take time for yourself

 American Pacific Mortgage Chairman, Kurt Reisig, encourages everyone to make sure to take time for yourselves. He talks about the importance of getting perspective and to pursue balance in your life. Business sometimes feels like a battle and it is important for you to do what you need to do to ...

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APM's Drive to 80 N.P.S. and Spring Sales Summits

 American Pacific Mortgage President & CEO, Bill Lowman talks about APM's Drive to 80 N.P.S (Net Promoter Score). It is your willingness to recommend APM as a place of employment to your friends and family. We want to ensure APM is a destination workplace throughout the entire organization. We do ...

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Spring Sales Summit 2017 Theme Revealed

American Pacific Mortgage Chairman, Kurt Reisig announces the theme for our 2017 Spring Sales Summits: BASIC TRAINING: IT AIN'T SO BASIC ANYMORE! We all know it's a purchase market, rates are up and in this environment we need to bring everything we can to the table to continue to succeed. Our ...

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Thank you from all of us at APMC!

American Pacific Mortgage Chairman, Kurt Reisig sends a sincere message of thanks to all of the Branch Managers and Loan Originators that are out there grinding everyday. We at the home office would not be able to do what we do without each and everyone of you. Thank you for letting us support you! ...

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Introducing Scrappy Labs and the Importance of AP Connect

American Pacific Mortgage President & CEO, Bill Lowman appears in Episode 4 of our weekly conversation series. Bill introduces Scrappy Labs,  a new unit stemming out of APM's Innovation Department that will be playing to win and designed to deliver innovative opportunities. The first launch out of ...

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Selling is fun!

American Pacific Mortgage Chairman, Kurt Reisig appears in Episode 3 of our weekly conversation series. Kurt talks about a speaking engagement where he was in front of about 400 Realtors. He was reminded about how important it is to get out and get in front of people. Sure, we need technology and ...

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What Really Makes You Great

American Pacific Mortgage President and CEO Bill Lowman appears in Episode 2 of our weekly conversation series. Bill talks about what really makes you great. This series started years ago when Chairman, Kurt Reisig started a weekly blog called The Loan Warrior. Though this series is not titled the ...

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