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Competitive Loan Products. This is APM.

First Time Homebuyer Products

APM has access to hundreds of programs that can help buyers in specific geographic areas, in addition to broader programs that support larger areas.

Homeownership just got 2% easier! Borrowers can now buy a home with as little as a 1% down payment. They’ll contribute a 1% down payment, and APM will provide a 2% grant (not to exceed $4,500), providing them an automatic 3% equity at closing. 

We're dedicated to strengthening the communities we serve by building generational wealth through homeownership. Properties within pre-determined areas will see notable price improvements and may qualify for a Loan Level Price Adjustment waiver.

Home Possible and Home Ready are conventional programs designed as alternatives to FHA lending.  These products may be the right solution for low-income buyers who need low down payments or flexible guidelines.

A Foreign National Mortgage can be made without credit or a social security number and can be used as a primary, secondary or investment property. Includes DACA and DREAMers too!

Customer ready for homeownership but not quite mortgage ready? Learn how they can finally get out of renting and into a home with non-traditional financing. Introducing the Link Loan – they can finally get out of renting and gain the benefits of homeownership!

Construction Solutions

Building a home brings a whole new set of decisions, excitement, and frustration. Whether it’s their first new build or not, we can get the financing in place to make your client’s dream home a reality.

We have a full suite of renovation lending programs to fit renovation projects large and small, including FHA 203(k) and Fannie Mae HomeStyle®.

Purchase Tools

Our SecureLockTM program allows buyers to obtain credit approval and lock in their interest rate before they find or build their homes. If rates drop within 21 days of closing, so does the rate! If interest rates rise, we’ve got them covered—the rate stays right where they locked it.

Help your buyers get their offers accepted. Present an offer backed by the purchasing power of full loan approval, and the commitment to close on time. If we don’t meet the closing date, we’ll pay $2,000 to the buyer or seller (buyer’s choice).

Temporary buydowns are great solutions for buyers looking for a lower payment for those first few years. A temporary buydown fee can reduce the rate by 3%, 2% or just 1% per year.

If there’s competition for a home, we have you covered! Borrowers can submit a cash offer with no contingencies using APM’s CashBuys program.

APM has programs to help bridge the gap in financing. Our Bridge loan programs can help with the purchase of a new home before an existing home is sold. If a seller is unwilling to consider offers with sales contingencies, we have two programs to choose from.

Specialty Products

A Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) loan can be a powerful tool for expanding your real estate portfolio. APM offers its visionary investment program to make your investment goals possible.

Do you have a borrower that has current or past credit challenges? There are multiple products available that can help, depending on the circumstances, financing needs and other compensating factors.

Bank Statement Loans help business owners, the self-employed, gig workers, or retired borrowers get a home loan based on bank statements instead of tax returns.

Investors have a unique set of needs depending on the type of property being financed, as well as their overall portfolio. APM has programs that cater to everyone from first-time investors to seasoned professionals looking to add to their real estate empire.

APM has loan programs that open the door to borrowers who need access to financing but don’t fit the standard agency or jumbo program guidelines. This includes bank statement loans, self-employed borrowers, ITIN, and departing residences.

Homeowners can keep their first-mortgage loans intact and tap their home equity through APM’s Equity Access Program.

Financing can be made fast and easy with personal loans. APM’s trusted source can offer our customers low-interest fixed-rate loans from $5,000 to $100,000 for practically any purpose, including home improvements, auto loans, debt consolidation, you name it.

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