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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion. This is APM.

Why Diversity & Inclusion

We recognize the following 4 powerful truths:

  • People and their experiences matter
  • Diversity and Inclusion starts from leadership
  • Diversity and Inclusion is done internally and externally
  • Diversity of thought is paramount to healthy communities

Our Diversity and Inclusion mission is driven by our communities and our workforce—to provide access to underserved groups.

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Our Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

Community Groups

To achieve our Diversity and Inclusion mission, American Pacific Mortgage has forged partnerships with a variety of trade associations and community groups that share our commitment and mission.


We facilitate workshops to educate employees on relevant Diversity and Inclusion topics. In addition, we work with various community organizations to provide educational tools that encourage increased financial aptitude in all communities.

Loan Products & Services

Our loan products are designed to serve the financial makeup of our diverse communities.


Our marketing team is steadily working to create inclusive marketing content that is available in different languages.


Our recruiting team actively seeks and recruits candidates from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, genders, and races, as well as those who serve diverse populations.

Vendor Management

We are committed to increasing the number of minority and women-owned vendors that we use.

Career Development

Join a thriving industry even if you don’t have mortgage experience. Our innovative program is designed to educate and mentor new loan advisors.

Our Commitment

Our Mission

The mission of the Office of Diversity is to promote social and economic equity by creating and nurturing a diverse workforce and to provide underrepresented communities with access to homeownership. Our goal is to reflect the local communities we serve and to exceed our peers in providing homeownership to underrepresented groups. By doing this, APM strives to stand out as a social and economic leader while actively supporting our employees’ and consumers’ social and economic success.

Our Partnerships


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