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Exclusive Lead Nurturing. This is APM.
Exclusive Lead Nurturing. This is APM.

This is AP Connect

AP Connect is a state-of-the-art lead management platform, supporting American Pacific Mortgage originators and their real estate partners in the nurturing and conversion of leads.


Our team of Virtual Assistants (VA’s) are available 7 days a week to convert your online leads into sales ready opportunities.


We respond to incoming leads instantly (during business hours), and live-transfer high quality & engaged customers.

Process Driven

A proven sequence of calls, text messages and eA proven sequence of calls, text messages and email campaigns deliver an average contact rate of over 50%.mail campaigns deliver an average contact rate of over 50%.


Our state-of-the-art lead management platform leverages highly customized CRM, SMS and reporting solutions.

Lead Nurturing with AP Connect

Never Let a Lead Fall Through the Cracks

With over 90% of homebuyers searching online for homes, we have tailored a program to leverage the leads collected from online referral sources. Our system ensures not only immediate initial engagement, but also the long term cultivation necessary to convert prospects into sales ready opportunities, allowing our originators and their referral partners to stay focused on day to day business activities. We take in the lead and handle the management of that lead, then hand it back upon successful conversion.

Michael Belfor

The ability to work with AP Connect has been invaluable to our team! The call management and reporting technology has really grown over the years; leads are texted instantly and called right away and we are able to easily track the performance of each lead from “New Lead” lead to “Closed loan”. The AP Connect team has also been willing to work with me and our agent partners to customize call strategies for multiple types of lead sources, not just web leads, this creates a VERY unique customer service experience which makes us a more valuable lender partner. The whole team is great to work with and always open to new ideas to help you grow your business and close more loans!

Lenae Vandegrift

APConnect is fantastic as their team is responsive, handling leads as they come in real time. The agents that we partner with love it’s efficiency and as a result has strengthened my relationships. Thank you APConnect for all that you do and always being there to answer our team’s needs.

Michael Belfor

AP Connect has been vital to several aspects of my business. An enhancing feature that people on the fence may overlook is that their service makes me much more attractive to Real Estate Agents as a partnering platform. It adds a unique niche product that separates me from the rest. No longer are we just having the typical realtor conversations about customer service, returning phone calls or closing in 15 days, now it’s about adding value via lead generation and conversion. This ultimately helps me acquire more market share. I highly recommend AP Connect!

Miguel Terrazas

Connect with Us

Are you buying online leads or need help contacting your book of business? By owning speed to contact, follow up and long-term nurturing, AP Connect is ready to supercharge your conversion.

Provide us your contact information to the right and our Onboarding Coordinator will contact you within 24 hours.