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A Model of Success

At APM we offer a variety of mortgage branch opportunities to align with the entrepreneurial professional


Corporate Branch

a retail mortgage branch that is fully sponsored by APM with the resources to build and grow. All cost and risk is absorbed by APM.


Entrepreneurial Plus

a mentorship model to launch your own P&L branch with flexible controls around pricing, expenses, and decision making to minimize risk.


Enterprise Branch

a P&L branch model with full control of staffing, margins, expenses and overall management of your team. This mortgage branch model also allows for a DBA, where requested.


IMB Platform

a model to strategically partner with APM under the value and reputation of your established brand, with the tools and resources to scale operations and increase market share.

Your Experience Matters

Our commitment is to provide all the resources, operations, technology and a thriving business environment so can do what you do best...Run a great branch. If you are ready to learn more about our mortgage branch opportunities, schedule a confidential call today!

Hear from our mortgage branch managers why they joined and remain with APM:

The commitment that APM was “built by originators for originators” has certainly held true. We can now focus on growing our loan production, while APM takes care of the rest.
-Bob Siefert, NMLS #55105
Joining APM was THE best decision. The product mix allows our LO’s to serve every client. They're always one-step ahead with technology and tools that simplify our lives, but the real sell is the people of APM.  Everyone within the APM family has the attitude of ‘we're here to help you’.  
-Karen Schenone, NMLS #273955
APM is the best of both worlds. It provides the strength, stability and comfort of a big name brand while providing the personal and individualized attention to our customers. Our managers and employees are provided with guidance, coaching, tech and tools, compliance, training and a solid corporate structure. 
-Dawn Cychner, NMLS 238880
Our scenario desk never disappoints. I recently sent them a complicated scenario, and within 3 minutes I had a response breaking out the program and investor options – a big shout out for always giving fast & accurate information. 
-Josh Bayles, NMLS# 384563

The summits are invaluable. It gives me the opportunity and time to reset, meet a lot of people and talk with peers in other markets. The dialogue and gathering of ideas at the event is so critical for managing a successful business.

-Michelle Guth, NMLS# 36853
It never ceases to amaze me how APM underwriters actually look for ways to make a loan work rather than tossing a file back in my lap with the typical underwriter “attitude.”  I know that almost every company out there says, “we are different.”  I speak from experience, and from the top to the bottom, everyone at APM works together to serve and help our clients get into homes. 
-Scott Asbel, NMLS# 270856