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Selling is fun!

Mar 27, 2017 9:20:09 AM

American Pacific Mortgage Chairman, Kurt Reisig appears in Episode 3 of our weekly conversation series. Kurt talks about a speaking engagement where he was in front of about 400 Realtors. He was reminded about how important it is to get out and get in front of people. Sure, we need technology and products but we still need to get out in front of our prospective customers. He drives the point of how important personal relationships continue to be a vital part of our business. So, shut that laptop and get out there! What you will find is that it's a lot more fun to get out in front of people and sell. Selling is fun!

In this weekly series, our leadership talk about the happenings in the Mortgage Industry and provide tips and insights for dealing with the challenges that take place in our business. 

Kurt Reisig

Kurt Reisig

As Chairman of American Pacific Mortgage, Kurt has led the company since inception and through its steady disciplined growth over the last 18 years. His focus and vision have created a strong culture of service and a fierce commitment to sustainability. Kurt believes in the concept that production and producers are the fuel that drives American Pacific Mortgage and that his role in the organization is to serve producers, serve the clients and deliver high quality performing loans to the market. He is committed to doing so in an open and transparent environment, always offering stakeholders clarity and honesty in his dealings.