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February 26, 2021

Dave Barton

Branch Manager Orem Branch NMLS #229113

Mobile number
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384 W Center St, Orem, UT 84057

About Dave

I grew up in California, moving multiple times around the state with my family.  “Home” is Santa Cruz where I graduated from high school and started college playing water polo.  I met my wife Anteres in a church choir and we dated for about 6 months and then corresponded during my 2 year mission to Montevideo, Uruguay for the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints..  We were married 7 weeks after I returned and lived in California working and going to school as I continued to play water polo. After a shoulder injury ended my ability to play at the college level, we moved to Utah in 1989 and I graduated from BYU in 1991.  I worked in the travel industry and then property management until 2000, when I joined Rocky Mountain Mortgage. In 2004 I became a partner and then in 2009 I took on the opportunity and additional role of branch manager.  In June 2017, we expanded our ability to help our clients since we are now able to help clients and their families in the entire United States. Together, Anteres and I have 6 sons, 6 daughter-in-laws, and currently 4 grandchildren. We love spending time together, eating, playing games, watching movies, and going on frequent adventures.

My “Why”

Someone recently asked me, “Dave, why do you refer to yourself as a mortgage consultant instead of a loan officer?”  I think the most important role I can play with my clients, and those that they trust to refer to me, is to educate them on all of their options.  That includes options that are outside of the services and loan programs we can provide here at APM.

To truly have the client’s best interest and well-being at heart, I have to be willing to not do a loan if it is the right decision and best option for the clients.

Several of my most “raving fans” and strategic partners I have actually never done a loan for because it was not the right thing to do.

There is so much false information out there and most people simply don’t know where to go to find the truth and get a straight answer.  I live and work in the community and I want to see and interact with my clients and their families in the store and at a ball game and not have to worry or hide because I did what was right by me and not for them.

Ironically, I help people get into the largest debt they will probably ever acquire – and then I teach them how to get out of it and create a future of freedom and security as a result of education and knowledge so they can make the best decisions about their and their family’s futures.

That gives me peace of mind and a true sense of accomplishment and the “why” of what I do every day.

Licensed in UT and WY

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