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Growth Is in Our DNA: How APM Helps Branch Managers and Loan Officers Scale and Grow Their Businesses

Every company has a value proposition—what they’re really good at. At APM, our company is 100% focused on making our branch managers and loan officers look good, and that commitment includes helping our producers scale and grow their businesses. In fact, at APM, we say that growth is in our DNA.

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Being 100% focused on making our producers look good also means we listen to our producers. They tell us what they need, and we focus on providing it. We’re always looking to the future, so we can position our originators two steps ahead of the market and their competition. 

Empowering You

At APM we will always encourage you to grow, grow, grow! Our loan officers and branch managers are empowered to build the businesses they want, and they’re empowered to make decisions for their business without having to seek layers upon layers of approval. 

At the end of the day, as long as you’re compliant and ethical, you have the capability to make the decisions you need to win business—no questions asked. 


Want to be a solopreneur, keep your head down, and focus solely on origination? Great! Want to start or grow a branch? We’ve got you covered! Ready to build an empire? Let’s get working on it together! You choose your path—we’ve got the resources to get you there.


Models of Business

We are different from competitors because we’re a company built by loan officers, for loan officers. We’ve built our business by serving and treating our producers as customers and providing the tools and resources to win. We have numerous business and branch models to fit the needs of today’s mortgage entrepreneur. 

APM Retail Branch

This is a retail mortgage branch that carries the brand and is fully sponsored by APM with the resources to build and grow—a true partnership where businesses can flourish with an abundance of support.

Enterprise Branch

This is a P&L branch model with full control of staffing, structure, expenses, and overall management of your team. This mortgage branch model also allows for a DBA where requested.


This model lets you strategically partner with APM under the value and reputation of your established brand, with the resources to scale operations and increase market share.

APM focuses on several key strategies to help our branch managers grow and thrive. Of them, communication, transparency, collaboration, and mentorship are our highest priorities, in addition to providing tools and resources to help our producers scale and grow their businesses.


Ease of Business

Whether it’s the latest technology, assistance with lead procurement and nurturing, or our solutions approach to underwriting or plug-and-play marketing, we spend every day focused on making our producers look good.

Here are some of the tools APM provides to help create ease in the way you do business:


Our tech stack is part of our commitment to providing our loan officers, realtor partners, and borrowers with the ultimate digital experience, while creating ease throughout the entire loan process.

The APM mobile app is one of our most popular tech tools, and one of the ways we help our loan officers grow and streamline their businesses without incurring additional overhead. To learn more about the APM mobile app and how APM is modernizing the loan production process, click here

AI underwriting now provides our loan officers with the ability to obtain same-day loan approvals. This technology alone can shorten the loan process by 18 days and help originators increase loan volume with half the staff! To learn more about APM’s AI underwriting, click here.

Additionally, APM provides access to a suite of tech tools that allow loan officers to stay in front of their past, present, and prospective clients, all at the touch of a button. From plug-and-play marketing to alerts when it’s time for a client to refinance, we’ve got you covered. 

Additional APM Tools and Resources

  • The APM Scenarios Desk is a resource you can count on to get fast and accurate answers for any loan scenario. 
  • AP Connect state-of-the-art lead nurturing helps convert leads into real deals by responding quickly and nurturing your leads into opportunities. This frees up your time to focus on your active deals while still growing your pipeline at the same time.
  • APM offers a fast, flexible, and sensible underwriting department that is focused on the needs of today’s consumers. 
  • Our reputation management tools allow you to build your online reputation with ease. 


At APM, we have a proven track record of growth and success, both as a company and with our branches and loan officers. We have everything it takes to launch dozens of branches a month in new and existing footprints. We take care of the details so you can hit the ground running.


At the end of the day, we always put our people and the company culture we’ve built here at American Pacific Mortgage first. That’s why we offer generous compensation and retirement packages, and a rare opportunity for ownership in one of the largest independent mortgage banks. As an employee-owned company, every team member is working toward the same goal and invested in the success of the company. To learn more about the American Pacific Mortgage Employee Stock Ownership Plan, click here.

Partnering with APM

Do you want to work for a company where you’re empowered to grow and harness your entrepreneurial spirit? APM may be the right choice for you. If you’re curious about what it would look like to partner with us, click here to receive a financial comparison and schedule a confidential conversation with our team today.


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