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You Can Expect Even More From APM During Uncertain Times

At APM, we’re always encouraging you to expect more and experience more from us. That hasn’t changed. While these times remain uncertain as our nation addresses concerns about our personal health and the health of the economy, we want you to know APM is still laser-focused on our goal of surpassing expectations and creating experiences that matter.elbow bump greeting

On that note, we’ve undertaken a variety of initiatives to keep business rolling through this coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. These efforts ensure that our thousands of employees and affiliate partners can work uninterrupted, while homebuyers will still receive the level of service and support they’ve come to expect from APM.

Though it is important that we continue to operate as a trusted employer and loan originator for many Americans, the health and safety of everyone comes first.

APM has taken the following measures to make sure it stays this way.

Working Remotely

All APM team members, including our operations, fulfillment sites and home office staff, are working from home. Thankfully, APM has always been prepared for a situation like this due to our unmatched mortgage technology stack.

AP Intelligence provides real-time business insight through dashboard and analytic reporting, allowing our loan officers to act quickly and intelligently in any work environment. AP Connect’s virtual assistants can convert Internet leads into sales-ready opportunities and even schedule virtual appointments. AP Marketing will keep the communication going even if our loan officers can’t meet in person through plug-and-play email campaigns, flyers, postcards, social media, videos and more. AP Social will always be a wealth of graphics, content and posts that are perfect for engaging social media followers.

Our APM Mobile app allows clients and loan officers to utilize custom loan scenarios, live status updates, calculator tools, and scanning and uploading features. This app lets you get the ball rolling from any corner of the world. It has everything your clients need to submit their documents and get the loan process started!

Delaying Travel

As much as our loan officers and branch managers would love to keep their travel plans and business meetings in order, now is not the right time. As a company, we have decided to postpone upcoming business travel for the foreseeable future.

This also means APM’s Spring Summits may take place during another season, but we’ll make sure they’re more dynamic than ever when that time finally comes! We have also maintained constant communication with our vast network of loan officers, branch managers and affiliate offices. We all share the same sentiment that in-person meetings – either with clients, each other or partners – will not take place until the current situation changes.

Monitoring Updates

We have a lot of people depending on us, and we know you have a lot of people depending on you. For these reasons, APM’s leadership team has been continually monitoring the situation on both the federal and state-by-state level. We’re listening to the experts, and we’re adjusting our efforts accordingly.

Maintaining Communication

Kurt Reisig, APM’s Chairman, and Bill Lowman, APM’s CEO and President, are providing three-times per week insights to our loan officers to ensure everyone is on the same page. Kurt has also made it a point to release video messages for all the loan warriors out there who may be wondering what this all means for our industry. Though no one has all the answers, Kurt is doing an excellent job at making sure everyone is informed, involved and, most of all, safe during this time.

APM has also encouraged all loan officers to maintain consistent communication with their clients. This doesn’t just apply to those with current applications, but to everyone who maintains a mortgage, has aspirations of buying a new home or who may be thinking about refinancing with these newly publicized low rates.

Preparing To Help

It’s difficult to see what the full impact of COVID-19 may be, but whatever it is, APM remains ready to act. Our APMCares program will do what it’s always done: provide relief to the community and APM employees in times of need. We will continue that mission of providing shelter, food and clothing to nonprofit organizations, charities and private foundations that can directly assist those who have been affected during this tough time.

We all favor stability over uncertainty, but we want you to know APM is fully confident in its leadership, team and clients as we navigate new waters together. We remain steadfast in our core values of respect, transparency and scrappy, and promise to uphold them in any environment, including today’s.

APM is eternally grateful to the men and women who are working hard to heal the sick, comfort the frightened, and provide the rest of us with the information and resources we need to press on in this new normal. We plan to do our part in our own little corner of the world.

Please reach out any time to let us know how APM can better serve you during this time. Stay safe and stay healthy.


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