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Phoenix Rising Announcement from Kurt Reisig

Mar 28, 2016 1:49:00 PM
Meet Kurt Reisig, the CEO of American Pacific Mortgage. This is his debut video where he will explain the new APM video forum.

This forum will be a helpful place to find out about future events, APM culture, business practices and of course, good news! So look for these videos in the upcoming months and stay tuned to hear more about the great things taking place at APM.

Ready for the Spring Sales Summit 2016 - Phoenix Rising? Watch the video to hear what Kurt has to say about this exciting upcoming event.

Kurt Reisig

Kurt Reisig

As Chairman of American Pacific Mortgage, Kurt has led the company since inception and through its steady disciplined growth over the last 18 years. His focus and vision have created a strong culture of service and a fierce commitment to sustainability. Kurt believes in the concept that production and producers are the fuel that drives American Pacific Mortgage and that his role in the organization is to serve producers, serve the clients and deliver high quality performing loans to the market. He is committed to doing so in an open and transparent environment, always offering stakeholders clarity and honesty in his dealings.