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Frequently Asked Questions

Ahead of the Curve

The Branch Opportunity: Bringing Your Business to American Pacific Mortgage

How long have you been in business?

American Pacific Mortgage has been in business since 1996.

Have the owners of the company ever originated loans themselves?

Yes. The entire management team has originated loans and most have active originator licenses.

Who is your top competitor, and why should I not just join them?

We are unique in the market as the only company 100% committed to the success of our producers. Our dedication to providing you with the products, tools, support, and community you need to build your business and succeed sets us apart from the competition. And speaking of the competition… American Pacific Mortgage offers a unique brokering platform that provides our Loan Officers access to all of the products on the market. Since our competitors are the big banks, we offer the big banks’ products but give you the freedom, support, and guidance to make far more money than you could as a big bank employee.

Are there any upfront fees I must pay to APM in order to become a branch?

No. The only costs up front are those necessary to cover your personal NMLS licensing.

Is there a franchise or territory fee?


Who is responsible for the state and local licensing fees?

All Branch Managers and individual loan officers are responsible for their own NMLS licensing fees. American Pacific Mortgage will cover all other initial branch national and state fee requirements.

Who pays for office and other business expenses?

As a HUD Approved company the APM accounting department will pay all branch bills once approved by the branch manager. The branch P&L needs to support the overhead of the office.

How will rate sheets be delivered?

Our rate sheets are published daily via a shared website that you may view 24/7. Live pricing is available on our easy to use pricing engine.

Does American Pacific Mortgage handle any loan processing for its branches?

American Pacific Mortgage will handle loan processing, however we believe that your branch will be most successful with a dedicated processor on your team.

What other back-office support is there for me?

APM will provide support for your branch in the following areas: Accounting, Human Resources, Compliance, Marketing, Information Technology, and Licensing.

Getting Paid

Do you pay a 1099 or W2?

All employees of American Pacific Mortgage are W2 wage earners.

How much can your top performers make?

American Pacific Mortgage wants to see you succeed. A Branch Manager or Loan Originator is only limited by their own drive and desire, and our top performers are some of the most successful producers in the industry.

How soon after the loan is closed, will I be paid?

Loans closed between the 6th and 20th each month are paid out on the last day of the month, and loans closed between the 21st of the current through 5th of the following month are paid out on the 15th.

Do you take out all the local, state and federal taxes and handle the payroll for me?

Yes. Will I be paid with a check or via direct deposit? This is your individual choice, but we encourage direct deposit.

Company Benefits

Do you have a 401(k), health or medical insurance, dental insurance and vision care?

American Pacific Mortgage employees, including Branch Managers and Loan Officers, are provided with standard benefits such as health, medical, dental, vision, and 401k.

Company Guidelines & Policies

Do I need any career experience requirements or can I join with little or no mortgage experience?

American Pacific Mortgage believes that the best Branch Managers have experience managing a branch or a history of successful loan origination, and we will require this experience of you.

Do I have to close a specific amount of volume per month?

Our branches have a minimum requirement of 10 Closed Loans per branch per month. During the time that you move your branch to APM, we understand that a transition period may occur and we will work with you during this period.

Do I get to use any lender I want?

American Pacific Mortgage is a lender and will provide all the support you need to be competitive, close loans fast, and operate profitably. In the case of not being able to offer a specific solution, you will have the ability to broker with one of over a dozen Portfolio Lenders.