AP Connect FAQ’s

  1. What is AP Connect?
    • AP Connect is a lead response and nurturing service. We take responsibility for initial and ongoing contact with new internet leads on behalf of American Pacific Mortgage Loan Officers and their Agent partners.

  2. Where are the Virtual Assistants (VA’s) located?
    • AP Connect and all positions are physically located in CA.

  3. Does AP Connect call my internet leads with a local phone number?
    • Our system mirrors the consumer’s area code.

  4. What are some the benefits of enrolling with AP Connect?
    • Strengthens current co-branding relationships
    • Creates new co-branding relationships
    • Increased internet lead conversion rates
    • Buys back time to focus on closing

  5. How can I be assured the VA is friendly and representing the Loan Officer and Realtor Partner well?
    • AP Connect VA’s follow the highest level of training that complies with APMC standards.

  6. Can AP Connect customize the scripts per the Loan Officer or Real Estate Partners preferences?
    • All scripts and processes have been vetted by APMC Legal and Compliance teams. However some flexibility is reserved for positioning for Loan Officers or Real Estate Partners.

  7. What are your hours of operation?
    • 7 days per week.

  8. What is AP Contact’s strategy for contacting and nurturing my Internet Leads?
    • Facilitate initial contact and manage 18 month contact cycle.

  9. How can I be assured that AP Connect will make 1 st contact with my leads within 5 minutes?
    • An Email notification from AP Connect will alert the Loan Officer and Realtor Partner when 1st contact attempt has been made.

  10. Can I use any internet lead source with AP Connect?
    • +20 different lead vendors.
    • Check availability for new lead sources.

  11. What does a good conversion rate look like?
    • AP Connect closely measures key metrics like speed to contact attempt, lead to contact, contact to transfer, and will be provided upon request.

  12. Is there a way to check on the status of the leads that are being managed by AP Connect?
    • Yes, reports from dashboards give you status reports of every lead that AP Connect receives.

  13. What are the best practices for Loan Officers and Realtor Partners that have had some success with AP Connect?
    • Please see “AP Connect” best practices on the internal website (the Hub).

  14. What do I have to do to get started with AP Connect?
    • Call, email, or text AP Connect to get started.