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Lead Your Branch
To Success

A Partnership That Delivers

Bringing Your Branch to American Pacific Mortgage

iStock_000011440102_FullWe think you should be doing what you do best - originating loans. When you partner with us, we focus on offering you the programs and services that you need to successfully generate business. Our management’s goal is to help our retail branches and originators do whatever is needed to win.

We don’t want you losing sleep worrying about details that detract from your ability to originate loans. That’s why we make your life easier by empowering you with practical business resources backed by years of expertise.

When you join our team as a branch manager, you can rest easy knowing that the details are covered.

We Are Full Service

How much more could you accomplish in your business
if you could focus on the business at hand?

results-compass.jpgBy centralizing and fulfilling services including accounting, human resources, payroll, licensing, HUD approvals, compliance and benefits management, we allow our originators to focus on the business of providing loans. We provide you a team of experts to help you get the job done.

Our commitment to delivering production tools and industry training, as well as sharing proven strategies with originators helps them succeed in originating loans and provides a huge advantage over the competition.

We stay on top of industry changes so our business strategy is up-to-the-minute, and so are you. In addition, our ability to deliver large volumes of quality to our industry partners creates pricing and service improvements that further increase your advantage over the competition.

Let us handle the day-to-day tasks so you can focus on what you do best.


Turnkey Solutions

We offer turnkey solutions so you can focus on generating revenue. The impressive tool kit available to our branches includes:


  • Mortgage Banking Partners
  • Multiple Investor Options
  • Licensing & Training
  • HUD Full-Eagle/VA
  • Loan Processing
  • Accounting/Payroll
  • Multiple AMC Solutions
  • Human Resources
  • Client Database Marketing
  • Employee Benefits Management
  • Compliance & Quality Control
  • Branch Modeling Consultation
  • Robust Training Curriculum
  • Loan Servicing

Intentional Business Planning

“We all are better when we have a plan and we are intentional!” – Kurt Reisig, CEO

We attribute our success at American Pacific Mortgage to many things. Most significantly we know that we have manifested extraordinary success because we planned for it! We intended the results we achieved!

There is nothing new about intentional business planning at American Pacific Mortgage.

Every year, our executives go out on the road to bring our business planning process to each of our branches. We help you create your own financial and personal goals. As a result of these sessions, you will get clear on your intentions that will drive you to specific actions that generate real, tangible results.

With American Pacific Mortgage, you receive the tools and resources to build your business and increase your own market share!

Bi-annual Sales Summits

We has been hosting bi-annual Sales Summits since our company’s inception. Our desire to inform, inspire, educate, provide valuable tools and resources…and blow off a little steam together has been a constant. In other words, we gather to share our culture, grow our sense of community, and reinforce our position of being 100% focused on making our loan officers look good.

The agenda is always changing, but we always deliver a State of the Industry and Company, game changing break-out sessions, keynote speakers from the biggest mortgage giants in our industry, and learning opportunities from the top producers in the company.

Our Sales Summits reinforce that ownership is more than the possession of a thing or a place. At American Pacific Mortgage, ownership is a state of mind. From helping Americans realize the dream of homeownership, to the personal ownership every APM employee takes in bringing those dreams to reality.