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Our Expertise at Your Fingertips

With a dedicated senior leadership team averaging over 23 years of mortgage industry experience, American Pacific Mortgage can offer the industry expertise, hands-on know how, and proven track record to get your loans funded.

Possessing a well-capitalized balance sheet and over $575 million of warehouse line capacity, we have enjoyed consecutive monthly profitability for over 78 months. We are committed to helping you succeed through dedicated management and comprehensive, in-house services including the Scenario Desk, Concierge Services and Integration Team.

The resources and tools that American Pacific Mortgage provides to our branches and originators are unmatched in the industry, and the key to your continued success.



AP Connect


Convert your online leads into sales ready opportunities.

AP Connect is a state-of-the-art lead management platform, whose primary goal is to support American Pacific Mortgage originators and their real estate partners in the conversion of Internet leads. With over 90% of homebuyers using the Internet to search for homes, we have tailored AP Connect to leverage this shift in consumers’ behaviors. And by ensuring the rapid speed needed to make contact and long-term nurturing, our system converts leads into actual sales ready opportunities. This allows our originators and their real estate agents to stay focused on activities out in the field, while AP Connect manages the critical initial contact and ongoing communication. 

APM Mobile App


Mobilizing your business, so you can live your life.

APM is 100% committed to providing innovative tools and support to deliver a competitive edge. The new APM Mobile App delivers a delightful experience to the Customer and Referral Partner, featuring push notifications, status updates, and Encompass loan integration. 

Users can track and fulfill loan conditions by scanning and uploading documents all through the mobile APP. It provides a huge timesaving and ensures a timely close.





Bi-annual Sales Summits


APM has been hosting bi-annual Sales Summits since our company’s inception. Our Sales Summits are the perfect event to inform, inspire, educate, provide valuable tools and resources…and blow off a little steam together! We gather together in four regional markets to share new industry trends, foster branch collaboration, and reinforce our position of being 100% focused on making our loan officers look good. 

The agenda is always changing, but we always deliver a State of the Industry and Company, game changing break-out sessions, keynote speakers from the biggest mortgage giants in our industry, and learning opportunities from the top producers in our company.

Our Sales Summits reinforce that ownership is more than the possession of a thing or a place. At American Pacific Mortgage, ownership is a state of mind. From helping Americans realize the dream of homeownership, to the personal ownership every APM employee takes in bringing those dreams to reality. The APM Sales Summits are just one of many tools and inspiration we provide so that you can own your success.

Intentional Business Planning


We attribute our success at American Pacific Mortgage to many things. Most significantly we know that we have manifested extraordinary success because we planned for it! We intended the results we achieved!

There is nothing new about Intentional Business Planning at American Pacific Mortgage.

Every year, our top executives go out on the road to bring our business planning process to each of our branches. We help you create your own financial and personal goals. As a result of these sessions, you will get clear on your intentions that will drive you to specific actions that generate real results.

APM will provide you the tools and resources to build your business and increase your own market share - with strategic intention!

“We all are better when we have a plan and we are intentional!” – Kurt Reisig, CEO

Innovative Business Development Resources

Loan advisors at American Pacific Mortgage have a variety of marketing tools and services readily available - all easily accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week! We know you don’t sleep until the job is done, and neither do we.

From automated database-driven marketing campaigns to co-branded realtor partner materials, and even custom made collateral, there are dozens of ways for loan officers to build their business and reinforce existing client relationships.

Increase your business with:
  • Customized Materials - Build your business with direct mail, postcards, business systems, greeting cards and more!
  • Contact Management – Upload and export your contacts, and store in one convenient location!
  • Picture Management – Add a personal touch to all your collateral!
  • Custom Print Store – Get custom printing at a reasonable cost.
  • Promotional Gift Store – Purchase custom promotional products to generate buzz!
  • Client Gift Store – Express your appreciation with a variety of client gifts for any time of year.
  • QR Code Generator –Simply upload the URL of any website link and a QR code will be generated.
  • Customer Service – Send a quick message to get answers to your questions.
  • Technical Support – Send a quick message for help diagnosing any technical issues.