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Reputable Retail Lender

APM has a proven track record, a long-standing history, and a notable reputation as a top retail IMB. When you partner with APM, you don’t have to worry about the uncertainty of a merger or acquisition—we’re a thriving independent and employee-owned company and plan to keep it that way.

Smart & Savvy Tech

The APM tech stack allows you to streamline your operations and amaze your customer and referral partners. From state-of-the-art mobile app to AI underwriting with same-day approvals, database monitoring and so much more, APM has the technology you need to close more deals – smarter.


We are a company built by originators for originators. At APM, we empower our loan officers and branch managers to build the businesses they want, the way they want to, and we provide the tools and resources to get them there. 

Making Originators Look Good

We’re 100% focused on making you look good. Whether it’s the latest technology, assistance with lead procurement, our solutions approach to underwriting, or plug-and-play marketing, we spend every day focused on you.


As a 49% employee-owned company, every team member has ownership and a vested interest in the success of the company.

Culture & Community

We’ve built a company culture that is unmatched in the industry, and it’s centered around YOU. Our mission is creating experiences that matter, which extends to our employees and their families, customers, and the communities we serve.

Diversified Compensation

Our goal is to get you paid on every opportunity you touch. We do that by providing a comprehensive suite of specialty loan products that will ensure your success in today’s market. And on the off chance we don’t offer a solution, our open platform gives you the opportunity to broker your deal. APM also has exclusive programs like construction lending, reverse mortgages, and now offers consumer and auto loans that provide additional compensation to our loan officers.


This Is APM—eBook

APM at a glance. Get an inside look at our unique business models, savvy tech stack, company culture, leadership, and more!

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Loan Officer Business Planning Guide

An interactive guide with worksheets, goal-setting materials, strategies, and industry insight to help you plan and grow your business. 

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The APM Difference

What makes APM different from competitors? This is our playbook and we're sharing it with you!

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Social Media Marketing Guide for Loan Officers

Learn some tips and best practices for each social media platform.

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In 2022, APM welcomed 2 companies through acquisition, 30 new branches, and 400 new loan officers.

At APM, we allow you to operate as you wish.
Take advantage of the APM brand or build your own brand through a DBA


…and many more DBAs and brands not listed.

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At APM, you get amazing leadership. It’s a game-changer. Having advice from industry leaders on tap when you need it is endlessly valuable.

Evan Miller


APM gets loans done. There is so much support that it’s easy to look good in front of our clients and referral partners. No one drops the ball—everyone calls it and follows through.

Gina Koehl


As a solo producer, I run 15 to 18 deals a month, and half of them I’m able to move to cleared to close within five business days. … This gives me the ability to give an agent the assurance that they can write an 18-day offer and I can deliver.

Brian Idleman


As a producing manager, I have teams of people that run the day-to-day background stuff like HR and benefits and payroll. This allows me to offer my team everything a big company or bank offers, but with the ability to keep our branch humming and doing the things that work for us.

Deborah Romero


With all the tech offered by APM, I’m able to set up and maintain systems and do whatever I need with the push of a button. Everything talks to everything, allowing me to run my business efficiently and in the way that works for me.

Annie Porter