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lisa v

Senior Loan Advisor

Lisa Vigil

NMLS #486959

Senior Loan Advisor • Albuquerque Branch

Cell: 505.400.2718
Office: 505.835.6549
Licensed in NM 

About Lisa

I believe in the American Dream of homeownership. Whether you’re searching for your first home, securing an investment property, or financing a vacation home for your family – I am passionate about your dreams.   I do not take lightly the trust that my clients instill in me. Securing a mortgage for your dream home can be an emotional journey, and as your personal mortgage advisor I will always keep your interests in mind. I never forget the big picture when your dreams are at stake. 


Branch Address:100 Sun Ave. NE, Ste. 617 Albuquerque, NM 87109

What our customers are saying...

My husband and I highly recommend Natalie. She is fun, friendly and professional. She made the loan funding process bearable and smooth. We would have felt overwhelmed and bombarded without her help and skillful insights into the home buying journey. She put in the hours day and night to work around our crazy schedule with us having just had our first baby.

For my first time buying a house, Natalie did above and beyond! She was always there to answer questions and always took care of me. Its like she actually worked for me instead of the company she is with. 110% is what i saw and i am so happy i picked her. Trust me any questions or concerns she is the right one to go to! Never seen somebody with that kind of passion to really help someone get a loan! Thank you! I give her 6 stars instead of 5! ****** PS my closing was only late 5 days not because of her but because of the closing department. It was out of her hands! She did great.

Natalie was extremely helpful and made the whole process easier. She was quick to respond to all our emails and questions. I knew buying a house for the first time would be super stressful, but suprisingly it wasnt as much as I thought and that had everything to do with our awesome lender Natalie and our realtor Tina. Together they made it possible to buy our first and absolutely beautiful home.

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Your offer backed by the purchasing power of a full loan approval. With our Keys on Time program, your offer may stand out in a competitive market. Keys on Time Guarantee Want peace of mind for rising interest rates? You can lock your rate while you shop for a home, sell your home, or while your home is under construction. Certain fees may apply. Secure Lock Our Bridge Loan programs can help you purchase a new home before your existing home is sold. Bridge Loan Programs If you are looking to buy a home that exceeds conforming loan limits, we have multiple Jumbo loan programs to choose from. Jumbo Programs Our Peak Loan program allows you to buy a home up to $1.5M with only 5% down. Peak If you are looking to finance a home that exceeds conforming loan limits, our High Balance Solutions program may be the ticket you need. High Balance Solutions If you are looking to finance a home that exceeds conforming high balance loan limits, you can split the loan amount between a first and second with our Jumbo Solutions program. Jumbo Solutions With our Expanded Access program, we have opened the doors to borrowers who need access to financing but don’t "fit" the standard agency or jumbo program guidelines. Expanded Access Investor Advantage gives you purchasing power in the market today for investment properties. Investor Advantage A mortgage program that lets qualified borrowers factor in their assets as sources of qualifying income. Asset Inclusion If you can dream it, you can make it a reality. Finance the purchase of your fixer upper with the cost of repairs included in your mortgage. Dream Home Renovation Home Ready is a conventional 3% down mortgage loan with even more flexible income qualification guidelines. Home Ready by Fannie Mae Purchase a home with low down payment and flexible sources of funds. Home Possible A mortgage program dedicated to saving our selfless teachers and first responders a little money on their home loans. STaR Loan Program Financing provided for the purchase and refinancing of manufactured homes. Manufatured Housing