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February 1, 2023

Harvey Bernard

Sr. Loan Advisor Champlin Branch NMLS #363188

Phone number
11116 Zealand Avenue North Suite LL, Champlin, MN, 55316

About Harvey

WIN With Your Mortgage!  You don’t have to lose like most people lose, and they don’t even know they are losing.

They are committing to the largest financial transaction of their lives.  If they make the same mistakes as most people, they will lose.  Instead of making money work for them, they will keep working for money, never escaping from that bondage.

You can depend on how Harvey is different.  As a Real Mortgage Consultant since the 1990s, Harvey wants you to WIN.  Don’t settle for less.

Harvey will help you use the mortgage as a tool to purchase your next home or to refinance and restructure your finances.  WIN from the beginning with superior mortgage financing. Then discover how to apply powerful winning strategies that enhance your potential to become prosperous from your work.  Stop making others wealthy instead.

A name you can trust, Harvey offers so much extra value to WIN with your mortgage with his formula for success.

Licensed in MN

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