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RVP Production - Southwest Region

Darren Nolander built his 20-year career in the mortgage industry by understanding how to successfully navigate all stages of the real estate cycle. From booms to busts, low rates to high, Darren has honed his skills and fostered relationships with borrowers, real estate agents, and other key players to make the homebuying process as seamless as possible for everyone involved. Darren now finds himself on the other side of the coin, elevating and mentoring others within the mortgage industry as they foster their own relationships and hone their own unique skill sets.


Darren does precisely this as the Southwest Regional Vice President for APM. He provides extensive support and resources to his network of branches and branch managers. In this capacity, Darren is able to successfully oversee the execution of APM strategies that ultimately lead to healthy P&Ls and profit expectations. Darren’s primary goal is to ensure the individual, branch, region, and company experience positive growth on a daily basis.


When he’s not developing new talent or providing support to colleagues, Darren loves to spend time outdoors. A native of Portland, Ore., who now calls San Diego home, Darren can often be found surfing, paddleboarding, or generally enjoying everything nature has to offer.