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Loan Advisor

James Maynard

NMLS #574721

Loan Advisor • Bellevue Branch

Phone: 425.274.2000
Licensed in CA, ID, OR and WA

About James


Branch Address: 301 116th Ave SE, Suite 200 Bellevue, WA 98004

See what my customers are saying...

I can highly recommend James as a professional who will do whatever it takes to help you find the best solution for your needs. First time I used his service 2 years ago to do refinancing. I was referred to James by a colleague of mine. I did compare several options with the lenders and found that Jame's offer was the best, plus he really showed that he cares about working with me towards identifying the best solution and offering the expert advice. It was a no-brainer decision for me to get back to James when I needed help with another purchase transaction a few months ago. James has again fulfilled all my expectations and even went beyond it when we had to work through the difficulty in our transaction. James gets really creative and finds the way to help you achieve your financing needs with the best outcome. I am sure I will be coming back to James when I will need assistance with the house financing next time and recommend his service to my friends.

Alla S.

James helped us obtain a refi when he was a loan officer with a major bank on Whidbey Is. a number of years ago. The rate was good at the time we closed but as it continued to drop, two years later we refinanced again (3.375/30 yrs.). James had left the bank but we found where he was working and had him handle our refi again. We didn't close until 10 days after the lock period expired but he was able to honor the original lock rate even though the rate had started to creep up. He is in it for the long haul and subsequently doesn't promise anything he can't deliver. Great for repeat business. My son in Mill Creek also had James handle his original mortgage (at my suggestion) 5 years ago and he recently helped him refi at almost exactly the rate bottom. He couldn't/wouldn't try and call the bottom but the guidance he gave was instrumental in coming close to the bottom for both myself and my son. We make sure we stay on his contact list so we can both recommend him to others and use him again if the need arises. (PS: We always check rates and fees with other lenders before committing and found each time James was more than competitive. I think he makes his living on volume repeat business rather than trying to maximize the commissions/fees on a few mortgages - my opinion anyway.) 

Mark A. - Former Customer

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Want peace of mind for rising interest rates? You can lock your rate while you shop for a home, sell your home, or while your home is under construction. Certain fees may apply. Want peace of mind for rising interest rates? You can lock your rate while you shop for a home, sell your home, or while your home is under construction. Certain fees may apply. Want peace of mind for rising interest rates? You can lock your rate while you shop for a home, sell your home, or while your home is under construction. Certain fees may apply. A competitive advantage on the home you are listing. With our Seller’s Edge program, attract more buyers and sell your home faster by offering closing cost credits. Your offer backed by the purchasing power of a full loan approval. With our Keys on Time program, your offer will be the most attractive in a competitive market. A mortgage program that lets qualified borrowers factor in their assets as sources of qualifying income. If you can dream it, you can make it a reality. Finance the purchase of your fixer upper with the cost of repairs included in your mortgage. Qualify for financing in as little as one year after a financial hardship. We can help get you back in the game for a home loan up to $2M on an owner occupied property. Investor Advantage gives you the most purchasing power in the market today for investment properties. A mortgage program dedicated to saving our selfless teachers and first responders a little money on their home loans. Purchase a home with low down payment and flexible sources of funds. Home Ready is a conventional 3% down mortgage loan with even more flexible income qualification guidelines.

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