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Loan Advisor

Brian Kipe

NMLS #103275

Loan Advisor  • Lake Oswego Branch

Cell: 503.341.6948
Fax: 503.210.0788
Licensed in OR

About Brian

 I was asked to fill out this “About Me” section and I thought it ironic, since the main goal of any experienced mortgage professional is to find out all about YOU…our potential clients!  We want to know all about you, so we can craft the perfect financing solution for your needs.  Every client is unique and it is our job as your trusted advisor to listen, educate and execute for you.  Portland’s hot real estate market, combined with our urban growth boundary, can move quickly and can be overwhelming, especially for first-time homebuyers or families who are new to the Portland area. With more than 12 years of experience, my goal is to seek first to understand, then to craft a mortgage that fits your family’s needs for the long term.

You might be saying, “Brian, that is all well and good, but if I am going to work with you as my advisor, I at least need to know a little about you.”  Fair enough my friends, allow me to share a bit about myself and my various life adventures.

Although I was born in South Dakota and at the tender age of 6 months old, I was adopted by a wonderful couple in Oregon.  Ever since then, I have been resident of the Portland area (save for a year living in Tacoma).  I grew up in a rural area halfway between Tualatin and Wilsonville and I have seen the area’s amazing growth firsthand. This might be dating myself, but I can still remember when the biggest thing in Tualatin was the Ralston Purina Dog Food Factory and going on field trips to Mr. Nyberg’s Farm.  Back then, there were only four-way stops at the Nyberg, North Wilsonville and South Wilsonville exits and the closest movie theater to Tualatin was at Washington Square (or the Tigard Drive-in).   In fact, a drive from Wilsonville to downtown Portland took 15-20 minutes tops.  No, seriously, back in the day, you could do that!  However, I digress…

My reason for waking up in the morning is my daughter Jadyn. She is her daddy’s girl.  She is an amazing student, an incredible athlete and an avid reader.  I love watching her grow into the kind, beautiful soul that she is.  I am proud to be affiliated with American Pacific Mortgage and The Mortgage Medic Team because they are a company that is committed to caring for their employees, their clients and the communities where they live.  My area of specialty in mortgage lending includes VA / USDA GRH / FHA Lending, First-Time Homebuyers Education and “outside-the-box” loans that may require a more non-traditional structure and a deeper lending guideline research.  I understand the ins and outs of the ever-changing Underwriting Guidelines and I have made it my mission to put the understanding of these nuances to work for you.

  Branch Address: 4900 Meadows Road, Suite 100 Lake Oswego, OR 97035



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